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Fuji EC-3800 Cyber Relax Medical Massage Chair, Black


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The medical massage chair is Fujiiryoki’s newest full spec flagship model. Equipped with the revolutionary new Kiwami Mecha 4D knead ball system, the new ‘air magic’ shoulder care air massage and new 3-step footrest which covers all massage points below the knee, the EC-3800 massage chair is at the top of its class relieving stress and promoting health.

  • New Kiwami Mecha 4D Knead Ball System – This new system controls the speed and time of all 3D movements to replicate the movements of the human hand to give detailed massages.
  • Four Different Types of Back Massages – Kneading, Tapping, Knead Up/Down, and Shiatsu.
  • 28 Different Types of Massage Techniques – e.g. upper shoulder press massage, shoulder blade massage, side knead, twist massage, etc.
  • 18 Automated Programs – e.g. rejuvenate course, whole body stretch, etc.
  • Adjustability – 12 levels of strength.
  • 3D Point Navigation System.
  • Remote Control – Easily operable.
  • High Speed Supply and Exhaust Unit.
  • Pulse Mode.
  • High capacity and high output airbag massages which wrap the whole body from the shoulders to the feet soles.


  • Measurements (When footrest is in original position) – 820x1280x1230 (mm).
  • Measurements [In reclined position] – 820x2050x780 (mm).
  • Reclining Angle – 120-170 degrees.
  • Weight – 90 kg. Voltage – AC 110V 120V 220V 230V 240V (50/60 Hz).
  • Power Consumption – 115W.
  • Rated time – 30 minutes.
  • Removable back pad and pillow – Easy to maintain.
  • Comes in the color Black.

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