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Dr. Fuji FJ-007 Rolling and Kneading Electric Foot Massager


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This Dr. Fuji Rolling Foot Massager FJ-007 is a kneading and rolling electric massager in a compact size. The FJ-007 is equipped with three speed levels (low, medium and high) and a replaceable cloth top.

This foot massager kneads the soles of your feet, relieves tension, and helps circulate blood back to the heart. In just ten minutes, this FJ-007 will rejuvenate your feet allowing you to walk and stand more without painful stress in your muscles.

  • Just a ten-minute massage will rejuvenate your feet.
  • Equipped with three speed levels.
  • Kneads the soles of your feet.
  • Relieves tension.
  • Helps to circulate blood back to your heart.

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