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Conair Foot Bath and Pedicure Spa with Massage Bubbles


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The Conair Foot Bath and Spas with Pedicure Massage is the perfect way to unwind and de-stress at the end of a long day. Slip your tired, achy feet into the soothing comfort of this exceptional foot bath and feel all the tension from the day melt away as you relax amid the massaging bubbles.

This foot bath will retain heat nicely. However, for your safety it does not contain a heating element. For optimum results fill with warm water. Foot bath will retain heat for approximately 20 minutes while the bubble feature is enabled.

  • Heat feature does not heat water, but will help maintain temperature of warm water placed into the foot bath.
  • Includes 3 pedicure attachments: single large node, double large node, and pinpoint node – plus – leg rest and spot massage function.
  • Extra deep with massage nodes allowing for full foot massage.
  • Extra large to accommodate size 14 feet.
  • Cord Wrap allowing for easy wrapping of 6-foot UL cord.

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